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The Tango Way is an Argentine Tango experience that will take you to live this amazing dance, culture learning, and teaching method to unite all generations in a new journey to personal knowledge, promoting health,

values, respect, and education, for a life full of unforgettable moments for all people. 

The Tango Way Method is the perfect option for a studio owner to prepare professional tango teachers.

And for every dancer from different levels who wants to achieve a goal, from performances, competitions, festivals, Tango galas, and Tango trips all over the world.

The Tango Way has the best and most unique entertainment plan 

with different shows for your event, theatre, or custom show only for you! 

Welcome to The Tango Way Experience, immerse yourself in the captivating world of Argentine Tango,

where passion,  elegance, and connection come together in a dance like no other.

Our website is your gateway to discovering the beauty and allure of this enchanting dance form.



Learn to Tango

It is the first and only method of Argentine tango created so that anyone with knowledge of other dances or without previous experience can become a social dancer, a performer, and make a career within the Tango industry. 

The Tango Way brings a new way of uniting people and new communities through Argentine tango.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through the fundamentals of Argentine Tango, helping you build a strong foundation and develop your technique, creativity, musicality, and other skills through Tango.

We offer group classes, private lessons, and specialized workshops to ensure a personalized learning experience that fulfills your needs. 

Milongas and Social Events: Experience the magic of the milonga, a social gathering where Tango dancers come together to dance, socialize, and share their passion for music and dance.

We organize regular milongas and special events, like Tango Galas, Festivals, marathons, competitions, concerts, and dances with live orchestras, creating an inviting and vibrant atmosphere for dancers of all levels to connect and enjoy the dance.

Tango Travel Experiences:

Embark on a Tango adventure with us as we take you to the heart of Tango in Buenos Aires and other Tango destinations around the world. Experience the thrill of dancing in authentic milongas, learn from renowned Tango maestros, and soak in the rich cultural heritage of Tango in its birthplace.

Tango styles Competition

We proudly present Tango Styles,

a revolutionary Argentine tango competition for all, with different levels and age categories to fit your expectations in a fair and enjoyable way for all.

The Tango Way presents a different education and vision of tango competitions, where participants must comply with certain movements that can be learned online or by our teachers around the world. 

In this way, The Tango Way will ensure that all participants have the same conditions and that each required sequence must have the plus of the orchestra style or the rhythm that we dance, in this way, we will see on the dance floor how music and the personality of the participants are present. 

Online Resources and Community: Stay connected with the Tango community through our online resources, including articles, videos, and forums.

Explore the history, music, and culture of Tango, and connect with fellow Tango enthusiasts from across the globe.

About Argentine Tango:

Argentine Tango is a dance that originated in the late 19th century in the working-class neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a dance of emotion and expression, characterized by intricate footwork, close embrace, and improvisation. Tango is more than just a dance; it is a cultural phenomenon that reflects the Argentine spirit and has captured the hearts of people all around the world through its warm and passionate embrace.

Tango Performances and Shows: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Tango through our captivating dance performances and live shows. Our talented dancers, singers, and musicians showcase the artistry and beauty of Argentine Tango, leaving you spellbound and inspired.


Tango Career

The Tango Way is based on six levels that will increase in complexity as these levels are passed. 

They are part of an organic and personal growth within Tango that will differ in each person. 

The six levels must also be learned and achieved for all who join the professional career of The Tango Way, as well as studios that join The Tango Way experience. 

All those who are within our teaching staff must have knowledge of the first three levels to be able to start teaching lessons to new students who are just starting out in the world of tango. 

The six levels are used for students as well as for evaluating prospective Tango teachers. 

What We Offer:

At The Tango Way Experience, we are dedicated to providing you with an authentic and transformative Tango journey. Whether you are a beginner taking your first steps or an experienced dancer looking to deepen your skills, our comprehensive range of services caters to all levels of proficiency.

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