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Souls of Tango

Created, Directed and choreographed by

Analia Carreño and Luis Ramirez

A journey through the different eras of tango, its roots, its characters, its passion, its evolution and the hope towards the future of this dance in a perfect balance between the past, the present and the future of Argentine Tango.

Created, Directed and choreographed by Analia Carreño and Luis Ramirez 

Conjurotango tells the story of Amador, a Flamenco dancer who leaves Spain in search of his brother, his journey ends in Argentina, the land of Tango, where he not only meets his brother but also Grisel, a beautiful woman who works and cleans the cabaret.
Amador meets love, friendship, enemies, and a new world, the world of Tango.

"Tangostory"  The world tango stars and tango champions show - A live documentary, the idea of Maximiliano Cristiani, with the direction and choreography of Analia Carreño and Luis Ramirez.
It is a show with information about the origins of the tango, its development, and evolution from its beginning to the present.
It was released worldwide in Sao Paulo, Brazil, presented as the closing show of the preliminary of
the world  Tango championship.

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A breathtaking journey to the heart of Tango


A new story about Tango...


The world Tango champions show

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