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      Para Dos is an upcoming Argentine tango shoe brand established in 2016 in Taiwan by its sole founder, Barbara Zollin Kuo, who is also an avid tango dancer.  

      The company’s mission is to combine Taiwan’s long history and expertise in hand made fine shoes with the ambition to create tango shoes that offer the beauty and comfort desired by all tango dancers. 

      With its mission in mind, Para Dos spent over a year researching, developing, and designing a carefully handcrafted tango shoe that offers the most discerning dancer comfort and stability as well as elegant style.  

       All shoes are hand made by local artisans using only fine genuine leather including leather insoles and leather shoe soles. Every piece of leather was chosen for its comfort as well as for fashion design. Heel placement on shoe was also carefully considered to provide the most stable fit. 

       Para Dos cares about every detail of the shoe and hopes that each pair of shoes will bring to its dancer,satisfaction in its comfort, and elegance to their tango attire. 

      Para Dos’ first collection of shoes is premiering in 2017 June and will feature Para Dos Classic style in eight glamorous colors of lambskin leather, an 8.5 cm heel and available in size 34 to size 38.

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