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The Tango Way 
Tango Styles competitions

We proudly present Tango Styles, the first transparent and fair Argentine tango competition for all.

The Tango Way presents a different education and vision of tango competitions, where participants must comply with certain movements that can be learned online or by our teachers around the world.

In this way, The Tango way will ensure that all participants have the same conditions and that each required sequence must have the plus of the orchestra style or the rhythm that we dance, in this way we will see on the dance floor how music and the personality of the participants are present.

Tango Styles Competition Rules:

  1. Levels: a. Bronze Level: Beginners and novice dancers. b. Silver Level: Intermediate dancers with some experience. c. Golden Level: Advanced dancers with significant experience. d. Pro-Am Level: A category where professional dancers compete with amateur partners. e. Professionals Level: Open to professional tango dancers.

  2. Styles: a. Tango Nuevo: Focusing on contemporary and innovative tango movements. b. Vals: Dedicated to the Waltz-style tango. c. Milonga: Emphasizing the upbeat and lively milonga rhythms. d. Tango Tradicional: Showcasing the traditional Argentine tango style.

  3. Age Categories: a. Junior: Under 18 years old. b. Adult: 18 years old and above. c. Senior: Typically 50 years old and above.

  4. Music Styles: a. D'Arienzo: Featuring the music of Juan D'Arienzo, known for his rhythmic and energetic tango compositions. b. Aníbal Troilo: Highlighting the music of Aníbal Troilo, famous for his emotional and melodic tango arrangements. c. Carlos Di Sarli: Showcasing the music of Carlos Di Sarli, renowned for his elegant and sophisticated tango compositions. d. Osvaldo Pugliese: Focusing on the music of Osvaldo Pugliese, characterized by its powerful and dramatic tango style.

  5. Music Rhythms: a. Tango: Traditional tango rhythm, danced in 4/4 time signature. b. Vals: Waltz-style rhythm, danced in 3/4 time signature. c. Milonga: Upbeat and lively rhythm, danced in 2/4 time signature.

  6. Categories: a. Individual: Dancers perform solo routines. b. Couples: Dancers compete as couples, with a leader and a follower. c. Group: Multiple couples perform choreographed routines together.




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